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7 Secrets to Overcoming Underearning

This free webinar is perfect for attorneys who want to earn more—money, free time, clients or satisfaction—in their law practice.

In just one hour, practice management guru Ann Guinn covers:

• The conscious (and unconscious) choices that stifle earning potential
• Identifying your specific trouble spots—and overcoming them, fast
• How making small changes can lead to BIG results
• The importance of “right” clients vs. “any” clients
• And more!

If you’re ready for the rewards a fulfilling legal career can offer, you owe it to yourself to watch this law practice management webinar now!

Download the handout that covers the webinar’s best insights in an easy-to-read format.

Microsoft Word Shortcuts for Lawyers

This recorded webinar will show you how to get control of your legal documents once and for all and:

• Slash formatting times by up to 80%
• Create custom styles for different types of legal document
• Establish consistent styles amongst partners, support staff
• Leverage content to start documents more quickly
• And much more!

8 Things Killing Your Law Firm—and How to Stop Them

Is everything you do at your law firm adding value? It’s a tough question, and one that many attorneys can’t always answer for certain.

Practice Management Consultant Debbie Foster shows how the proven business management concepts of Lean Six Sigma can add value—and eliminate waste—to help make you more productive than ever.

Soft Targets, Hard Truths: Protecting Your Firm From Cyberattacks

If recent headlines have taught us anything, it’s this: your data is more at risk than ever.

And while you may consider your firm’s data “safe enough,” chances are it’s not—and that could lead to big trouble for you and your clients.

This webinar demystifies cyber security and shows you how to:

  • Understand ABA rules related to data protection
  • Evaluate your risk of attack
  • Build custom security policies for your firm
  • And more!

Click the title link to watch the video, and get the accompanying slides here.

The Winning Case for Online Document Management

Documents have always been the lifeblood of a lawyer’s work.

But too many still use outdated methods of document storage and management, exposing them to malpractice and making them less competitive in today’s legal marketplace.

This webinar shows how rapidly-advancing technology can make your work easier, your clients happier, and your documents more organized and more secure than ever before.

Click the title link to watch the video, and get the accompanying slides here.

Moneyball for Lawyers – Using Data to Build a Major-League Law Practice

What does a hit movie starring Brad Pitt have to do with how you run your law practice?


Because just like Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane used data analysis to revolutionize the way baseball is played, you can take the same approach to learn how your firm operates—and grow it to its best possible potential.

Maximum Exposure: Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Recent studies show more than 75% of consumers in crisis—with a failing business, cheating spouse, or troubled family member—are turning to the Internet for answers to their legal issues.

Search engines, websites, YouTube™, Facebook® and other tools are helping them connect with attorneys that can solve their problems.

Can they find you?

Avoiding Your Firm’s Fiscal Cliff

Today’s economy has many attorneys wearing both hats, with most asking the same question:  Why can’t financial statements be written in plain English? Navigating a balance sheet is the best way to make sure your firm’s financial information is working for you—and helping you make better business decisions for your practice.

This informative webinar will show you how to understand the fundamental principles of running your law firm as a thriving business.  Also you will be shown how to use some of the top legal accounting and time & billing software products to make sure you’re in control—and in compliance.

Future of Technology: Five Trends Lawyers Can’t Ignore

Now more than ever, attorneys have an obligation to change with the times and stay on top of available technology that can help them better serve their clients and manage their practice. From shorthand to typewriters, Dictaphones to voice recognition software, technology always works its way into lawyers’ lives. Just as it has in the past, so will it in the future—and at a faster pace than many lawyers may be prepared for.

Finding the 25th Hour

The goal of every attorney is to serve their clients needs and give them the best possible legal representation—and service—that they can. But all too often, the day ends with unfinished tasks, unreturned phone calls, hours of work left, and a question: Where did the time go?  If you’ve ever wished you could start the [...]

The Expert’s Guide to Change Management at Law Firms

If your law firm’s underperforming, odds are it could use a reboot. But navigating change among attorneys has always been hard—until now. Our panel of experts will show you how to survive—and thrive—in today’s competitive legal market, with real-world advice you can use today to change your firm for the better. Watch the full webcast [...]

Essentials of Document Management – Minimize Waste & Increase Productivity

Presented 7/12/12. If you’re like most attorneys, you have your own “system” of document management, ranging from a manual process to some form of adapted electronic software. But is it really the best solution for you—and do you know its real cost? According to legal consultant and author Ann Guinn, the average attorney wastes up [...]

Bridging the Gap Between Hours Worked and Hours Billed

Presented 6/12/12. Let’s face it, there are many distractions and interruptions that can easily prevent you from recording your work. Luckily, there are many tools designed to track your daily activities, and what you might learn is not all of your time is spent billable, or that you are not recording a large amount of [...]

Disaster Recovery Planning – Protecting Your Firm and Clients’ Data

Presented 5/23/12. Data disaster can strike anywhere, and at any time. Whether it’s in the form of a natural disaster, a localized network or hard-drive failure, or a data corruption issue, having a rock-solid data backup plan is essential to continuing your law practice—and safeguarding your firm’s and your client’s data. Unfortunately, developing a disaster [...]

Representing Veterans and Their Families

Presented: 4/24/12 Nearly 11.5 million veterans over 65 who served during past conflicts are eligible to apply for VA pensions or benefits—as are thousands recently discharged from duties in Iraq & Afghanistan. But sadly, fewer than five percent of these brave men and women currently receive the benefits they’ve earned. And some aren’t even aware [...]

 Starting Up or Starting Over – Hanging Your Own Shingle

Presented: Tuesday, 3/27/12 Presentation Slides: Download this presentation’s slides here. (PDF reader required to view these slides). Video: Click Here Summary: If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own law practice and taking on the cases you care about most, whether you’re a new law school grad or part of an existing firm, this webinar will tell you what [...]

The Competitive Advantages of Online Client Collaboration for Law Firms

Secure online tools are an easy, effective way to communicate with clients and provide them with a higher level of service. But many of you might be concerned with discussions and opinions being raised by the Ethics 20/20 commission. Join Christopher T. Anderson as he explores the ABA findings, reviews real-world examples of how your [...]

Top 10 Ways to Minimize Risk When Running a Law Firm

One of the top challenges facing attorneys—especially firm owners—is making certain that all client matter records are kept complete, accurate, and secure at all times. This webinar, hosted by attorney & top legal consultant Jeffrey S. Krause and attorney & LexisNexis Product Manager Christopher T. Anderson, shows best practices that help minimize risk while running [...]

Cloud Computing — The Impact of Practicing Law

This informative webinar demystifies the cloud and examines current trends as they apply to more organized and seamless practice management. Issues such as cloud security, local & national bar precedents, and the rise of mobile apps are addressed without the use of jargon or tech-speak. Presenter Christopher T. Anderson is a former managing partner of [...]