Our white papers are a quick & easy way to learn more about LexisNexis Firm Manager® features, making the most of your practice, and issues affecting solo and small-firm attorneys.
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Checklist: Data Disaster Preparedness Self-evaluation

The most important first step in forming any data disaster plan is knowing what you need. This checklist serves as a starting point to guide your next steps as you formulate your full plan.

Checklist: Evaluating SaaS Vendors

Make no mistake: all cloud-based services are not created equal. This handy checklist will help you find answers to the common questions used to evaluate cloud-based service providers, and will help you decide if they’ll work for you.

Checklist: Cloud vs. Installed Software: Pros & Cons

Cloud-based software is quickly becoming more common with the expansion of mobile computing, improved security, and the peace-of-mind of off-site data backup. But is it the best solution for you? Maybe.